ALPACA Sweaters and Apparel - Illimanis Outpost

  Here we want to give you access to the alpaca garments available in the market.


We offer you tree quality standards:

  1. Our High End Line of Alpaca Sweaters: These products meets by far the best world standards for quality. They are made under the high quality controls required by big names in fashion. These sweaters are made on demand and we can specify the sizes you need or chose form our standard chart of sizes.
  2. Our Grade "A" Alpaca Sweaters: Also made on demand and we are able to offer the sizes you specify or allow you to choose from our standard chart of sizes. These are great priced items and a wonderful price. Clearly a great value.
  3.  Souvenir Class Alpaca Sweaters: These are sweaters usually sold to tourist visiting Peru. They are great to allow people get their first impression about how alpaca looks and feels. We have taken a lot of care to assure these products meets the amount of alpaca specified. 

We not only offer you the best prices. We guarantee that we are giving you the true about the composition and actual alpaca percentage in our alpaca sweaters. Unlike many other providers who do not take much care about the actual composition of the products they carry or just lie to get more business, here you will find the true!

Last but not less we are business organization. We do not do it at our spare time or at the weekends. You can expect from us a professional service: mostly all our orders are ship the week after your order is place. We ship by DHL from Peru to the US, door to door.

Customer service is handled from Fort Myers, Florida, US and Lima, Peru.

DHL takes care of all the paper work at customs so you do not need to take care of that. You can find the shipping cost --including customs charges-- at the check out in our wholesale web site AndeanArt before you submit the payment for your order. Ordering from us is fast, easy, and reliable. We have hundreds of satisfied recurrent customers to confirm it!